No Bad Ideas

by Rachel And The Holywaters

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This is our going away project for our friends and family in Ohio, Washington and California - and a bit of a fundraiser to pay for our journey back to Seattle.


released August 3, 2013

Band members:
Rachel Sekerak
Amy Holowaty
Chris Holowaty
+1 Daniel Sekerak



all rights reserved


Rachel And The Holywaters Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Come Away
Sitting by the water’s edge
Lost in the ocean’s roar
This white noise fails to drown
The echo of your slamming door

All the things I’ve left undone
All the words I should have said
All the dreams I’ve left behind
Run like a movie in my head

I have lost the path again
Face is buried in my hands
My trail disappears
As Your wind plays on the sand

All the roles that I have played
All the love I’ve left unspoken
All the times I’ve given in
Have left me numb and broken

If I slip into these cold, cold waves
Will You baptize me again?
Will the saltwater bring healing?
Will it wash away my sin?

Or will I drift away…(Come, come away)
Track Name: Road To Colma
There’s got to be a better way than this
Must have been an exit sign
I blinked and missed, on the road to Colma

Thought that I could find my way around
Directions seemed so clear
On getting out of town, on the road to Colma

So slow to learn, so slow to understand
So eager to push ahead
Only to find I’m lost again
So slow to learn, so slow to realize
I’ve been so blind; please heal my eyes

Never dreamed it could get this dark
This lonely road has been so long
I’m losing heart, on the road to Colma

Hanging on by such a slender thread
The dimming light of hope by which
I’ve been led, on the road to Colma

What have I gained by failing, but learning to fall
What have I earned by enduring
But the courage to be small
Track Name: Lay It Down
Come on, come on, unveil your story
That borrowed glory, and lay it down
Come on, come on, tell me a story
Don’t say you’re sorry, just lay it down

Release this burden, drain out the poison
From bruises of shame and fear
Abandon concern, leave no stone unturned
And taste living water cool and clea
Track Name: It's Gonna Be Good
It’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be fine
You’ve taken on tomorrow’s troubles in your mind
The Father of Lights, He sees everything
If a sparrow falls, how much more you and me
So why all the worry, why all the fret
The Father isn’t finished yet

A step at a time, the journey is long
You’re feeling weak but soon you’ll see you’ll be standing strong
He’ll never give more than you can bear
You’ll never be without somebody willing to share
So rest in the promise and don’t you forget
The Father isn’t finished yet

There’ll always be a reason not to carry on
So wrestle without leaving, soon it will be gone
The changing of the seasons, funny how they move so slow
The wind and the breezes are helping you to grow

It’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be fine
It’s only a question of time
The answer is there, you just wait and see
Don’t be afraid, tomorrow there’ll be grace to receive
The chances you’re taking, on this you can bet
The Father isn’t finished yet
Track Name: You See What You See
I saw a chair, You said it was a camel
Rode in the desert as the sun grew hotter
Saw a mirage, You said it’s an oasis
Drank up the sand and tasted living water

I heard the winds, howling across the landscape
You said that was Your favorite symphony
I hummed along, marching out the meter
Croaked out a song in praise of Your glory

When I know what I know and everything is as it seems
When I see just what I thought I’d see
I’ll look again

I saw the storm, the waves’ rising fury
You said get out of the boat before you drown
I took a walk, but then came to my senses
Taking my hand, we walked on solid ground

I will be still, until I hear Your voice calling me
I will be still, until I feel You breathe life in me
Track Name: The Shepherd's Song
I’ve been sleeping on these hills in the snow and in the rain
Keeping watch over this flock, trying hard not to complain
It’s a solitary life underneath these darkened skies
Seems I only stay alive so I can work another night

As a boy I grew up poor, barely had enough to eat
Never had the time for school, had to work out in the heat
I’m a shepherd like my dad as my son will be one day
Gotta keep these sheep well fed if I wanna earn my pay

I was looking at the stars twinkling in the black
Couldn’t help but realize just how small I am
Is there anybody up there who has got my back
Or am I left here to defend myself the best I can

That’s when the angels came, saying, do not fear
And I was off to Bethlehem, their song ringing in my ear

Singing, Glory to God in the highest heaven
There is peace on earth
Glory to God in the highest heaven
There’s good will to men

I saw the baby boywrapped up in swaddling clothes
Lying in a manger just the way the angels had told
His mother looked so tired, weary to the bone
Here was the Messiah, the Savior of the world

I’ll be sleeping on these hills for the remainder of my days
But I never will forget no matter how my memory fades
We are, none of us, alone; God has joined the ranks of men
But I keep checking on those stars for when He comes for us again
Track Name: Alone
Alone by candlelight
Drawn to the mystery of Your fire
Fear and terror, warmth and light
Torn by need and by desire

Moments like these, I come to You
I need Your touch, I need Your truth
Moments like these, it’s good to know
That You’re in me, and I’m in You

Alone in a field
Soothed by whisper of Your breath
Faith and hope, comfort and peace
Finding life in my death

Alone by a waterfall
Silenced by the power in Your hand
King and Savior, oh majesty
Broken glass becoming sand

Moments like these, I stand in awe
Stunned by Your grace, by all that You’ve done
Moments like these, what can I say
I am alive, I am saved
Track Name: Sanctuary
I’m at a total loss at what to say
I don’t know where to start
I’m humbled by the cross, the price You paid
To redeem this wandering heart

So I have come into Your sanctuary
I bow down before Your throne of grace
And in silence I will wait, in silence I will pray
Until I have the strength to say

I rejoice in what I’ve lost - I sing of how You found me
I rejoice in the cross - I sing of how You saved me
I rejoice for the new life You have given me
I rejoice in Your sanctuary

I’m at a total loss at what to do
I don’t know where to go
So take me to the cross, back to You
Breathe Your life in me once more
Track Name: Gilead
I’ve heard it said of Gilead
There are trees so old, so high
They climb up tall with quiet strength
Their canopy hides the sky

You’ve never felt the air so still
You’d hear the wings of butterflies
And in my dreams of Gilead
I sing sweet by and by


I’ve heard it said of Gilead
A balm awaits the wounded soul
Where healing waters flowing down
Can make the broken whole

The law of love commands alone
Where guile and pretense die
And in my dreams of Gilead
I sing sweet by and by

In the sweet by and by
We shall meet on that beautiful shore